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Moon Phases

Pink Moon in Libra 4.11.17

I am so excited for this Full Moon! I feel very connected to Libra, being an air sign myself (Gemini). Another reason I love Libra so much is one of my best friends and my husband fall under this sign.... Continue Reading →

Ready to Retrograde!?

Its that time again friends! I don't know about you, but I've been getting some massive pre-shadow retrograde in my life! The second Mercury retrograde 2017 cycle starts on April 9 at 4° Taurus and ends on May 3 at... Continue Reading →

Using the Moon to your advantage!

The moon and it's phases is one of the most powerful forces that affects all living things. By understanding the phases and what they mean you can begin manifesting the most out of life! Are you wondering when you should... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Virgo – 3.12.17

Gone are the days of feeling sorry for yourself or being the victim. Gone are the days of getting irritated by every challenge or setback that life is presenting you. Gone are the days of resisting what the universe is... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Aquarius 

New Moons are so symbolic for fresh starts. A time to manifest what your heart desires and to set your intentions on the path you chose to take. Energy and vibrations around new moons are so potent and abundant, so... Continue Reading →

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