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Forever Evolving …..

I crave change, growth and fresh starts like a fish craves water. I've always been so drawn to the moon because of all the continuous phases she goes through. This year particularity has been a year of serious growth. If... Continue Reading →

Protect your energy.

To protect my energy, it's okay to change my mind. To protect my energy, it's okay to cancel a commitment. To protect my energy, it's okay to take a day off. To protect my energy, it's okay to not answer... Continue Reading →

Cut the Cords

Letting go is never easy. Like ever. But sometimes it's so incredibly necessary to truly grow and be a happy person. Since I have began my spiritual awakening and my quest to be a better person I've had to make... Continue Reading →

Drop and give me ZEN!

10 Things you can do today to be more zen: 1. Drop limiting beliefs. 2. Drop resentment. 3. Let go of blame. 4. Release worry. 5. Drop your doubts. 6. Stop the negative self talk. 7. Be the love the... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

I've been learning this one the hard way... I am what you would call a "people pleaser" I will bend over backwards, go out of my way and work myself until I am numb; just to make others feel at... Continue Reading →

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