To protect my energy, it’s okay to change my mind.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to cancel a commitment.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to take a day off.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to not answer that call.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to not share myself.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to want to do nothing.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to be alone.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to sleep in.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to speak up.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to move on.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to let go.
To protect my energy, it’s okay to change.

You need to protect yourself. You have intuition and sub-consciousnesses for a reason doll. Nobody, and I seriously mean nobody, can do this for you. One of the things I seriously had to learn when I went through my several awakening’s is – YOU NEED TO BE PICKY ABOUT WHO AND WHAT YOU ALLOW IN YOUR LIFE. Yes… that was me text shouting at you. It’s not easy to change, shoot sometimes it’s not even easy to stand up for yourself. But if you don’t, than who will?

I went through a situation recently that was so hard for me to get out of. I had a coworker that I’ve worked at 3 different companies with and truly considered him a friend of mine. His alcoholism and probable drug use increased over the years and our friendship/coworker relationship became very dark and twisted. He started taking things a bit too far (consistently) and when he would get turned down he would become very verbally and mentally abusive. It was such a vicious cycle. I am the type of person that once I consider you a friend I truly care very deeply for you and have a strong loyalty, it takes a lot for me to have to release that. Well after being demanded to have sex with him (I am married, he is married, and he has about 5 girlfriends he sleeps with consistently – yeah no thanks, I will pass.) After being turned down, and after me speaking to his wife, he got so abusive- which is understandable, broken and shattered souls often have to hurt others in order to feel better about themselves. You can’t help people who truly don’t see any issues with their actions and behavior. You also can’t drain yourself of your vibrations.

Since about August 2016, it’s been hard for me to want to be at work. I would leave work crying consistently. And it was effecting my home life since I became depressed and broken. One day I decided- enough is enough. Why am I putting up with something that is making me miserable!? So I decided to do something about it. I stood up for myself and stood up for the life that I want to be living. I am so happy to say that today is my last day at that job, and the future looks ever so bright!

The moral of this story is: Some people are energy drainers, some are sick and toxic, and some are just downright rotten. The only thing that you can do is protect yourself and your loved ones. It goes back to the law of attraction, if you stay in a situation that is negative the universe can only give you more of that energy.  By releasing the negativity and stress from your life you open up your world to so much bright possibilities. Make room for the good, bless and release the bad. You are a goddess warrior and you only deserve the best, don’t you ever forget that.