Letting go is never easy. Like ever. But sometimes it’s so incredibly necessary to truly grow and be a happy person. Since I have began my spiritual awakening and my quest to be a better person I’ve had to make some really difficult decisions about the types of people, places and things that I allow to be in my life. One thing that I’ve learned is that when you have a relationship with another person (friend, family or lover) you exchange a large amount of energy and are connected on a level that can’t be seen or felt, especially when there is a strong emotional connection or mental event between both parties such as a traumatic or painful event. We also create energy cords through sex and when we make subconscious vow, contracts or oaths with another person. When you remove negative and unhealthy cords from your life it can help enhance all the other relationships and areas in your life.

The main reason I started to learn about cords and how people were effecting my life was because I was seriously being affected on several levels without even acknowledging it! Here’s a couple of examples that finally made me realize I needed to remove myself from certain relationships:

I had a best friend who I loved and adored. However the relationship always felt “off”. She was always finding ways to put me down, talking about me poorly to others and whenever I had an issue with something she would get mad at me for being upset. When her life started to grow darker, I was expected to lie to my husband and hide things from him (which is a deal breaker for me). It was all just super gross and made me feel so dense with negative energies. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but blessing her and releasing our relationship has seriously brought so much light and love to my life. I opened up the space in my life to receive new positive friendships, and boy was that cool! I have two friends that I met within a week of my decision to cut the cord on the negative friendship and they have been so amazing to me and my growth (Alicia and Brianne – you ladies are amazing and I luvvvva you!)

Another example is with a co-worker. I have been working with a guy for a few years now and again, the relationship was never balanced and positive. He is a raging alcoholic with severe anger issues and they often spilled over onto me for no good reason. I finally decided that his roller coaster of behavioral issues and problems are not my priority to correct or tend to. So I cut that cord, and started doing things for me and doing them the best that I can with no regard to his needs or emotions. Since releasing his issues from my plate, life has been so amazing and I am now opening up my opportunities for different work that is closer to home and I am so excited about it!

It’s hard for us to have to release people from our lives. Its hard to change. It is hard to deal with the out lash and drama that can come from cutting cords. But its so necessary! Don’t be that people pleaser who is so scared to stand up for what you need. Relationships are two ways – it cannot only be you who is pouring positivity and love into it. If you feel under-appreciated or even uncomfortable with something, it’s okay to say that that person, place or thing isn’t for you. At the end of the day you will thank yourself for being picky about the people you spend your time with.

Remember: You are a mirror image of the top 5 people you spend your time with!! Yes, this includes your buddy at work, family members and even your best pals. Focus on investing your time into those who are good for you and represent goodness into your life.