Over the weekend one of my best friends was over getting certified as a level one reiki practitioner. When I do classes I have my students make a bottle filled with herbs, dried flowers, crystals and oils. Generally these “Intention Bottles” help the student feel grounded and are centered around their own personal healing needs. I had purchased several crystals to be used in theses bottles, one of which was smithsonite. I had never used this crystal, nor was I aware of the meaning. When my friend and I looked it up we were both in awe of how beneficial this crystal was for both of our lives!

Here’s my friend Mary, rocking her intention bottle! Check her out on IG @MaryJoPhoto, she is a phenomenal photographer and is always on the funnest adventures!

mary jo

Smithsonite is a stone of pure tranquility, charm, kindness, contentment and increasing favorable outcomes. It assists in forming a buffer between you and the problems in your life. If you are on the verge of a breakdown this is definitely a stone you should have close by.

Smithsonite has been said to help people who have had a rough childhood or often feel unloved or unaccepted, as it’s known to heal your inner child. Since this stone is very gentle and subtle, the release of pain and emotions is done in a very soft and calming way. Psychologically smithsonite supports leadership qualities, especially when tact is required. This stone imparts in harmony and diplomacy and can remedy unpleasant situations and interactions.

By placing Smithsonite on the crown chakra it can help connect you to the angelic realm, as well as align all of your chakras.

http://www.shamanscrystal.co.uk/crystal/445/smithsonite says: 

Calming, filling with feelings of pleasantness and opening of the heart and self to new beginnings. Provides a firm and comfortable removable from unpleasant situations. Aids in recovery of trauma and allows one to move on from the past with optimism and enthusiasm. When placed at the crown chakra it aligns all of the chakras and changes the persons vibration to a suitable frequency to reach the height levels within and beyond the crown, therefore it stimulates the path towards enlightenment, and the lightening of the load we carry. In addition, as it resonates in these areas whilst removing one from the negative it also opens the etheric body and clears the astral body allowing the psychic connection to be come clearer and lighter. A very usable crystal for both healing practice, psychic and spiritual development.

Smithsonite comes in a variety of colors – Pink, lavender, green, teal-being the most common, purple, brown, yellow and white.

»» Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. ««