The moon and it’s phases is one of the most powerful forces that affects all living things. By understanding the phases and what they mean you can begin manifesting the most out of life! Are you wondering when you should start that dreaded diet? Start looking for new love? Interview for that dream job you’ve always wanted? By using the phases of the moon you could help yourself have the upper hand in all aspects of life.


NEW:  Also known as the Crescent Moon, during this phase you will only witness a very thin sliver of light in the sky. This phase represents new beginnings,  new possibilities, and new relationships. This is the BEST time for making positive changes and starting fresh new career opportunities. This is an amazing time to get your plans and ideas in order for the future, and a great time to brainstorm and plan events. For those that garden, this is a great time for planting seeds that will grow strong and plentiful. 

WAXING:  During this phase the moon is visually growing in size and gaining strength as it makes the shift between New and Full. It makes perfect sense then that this is the perfect time to focus on increasing things in your own life. This phase is great for communications (both business and pleasure) dealing with legal matters, especially if you are hoping to have financial gain. The waxing phase is also great for thinking about pregnancy.

FULL:  This is the Moon’s most powerful phase. This is the time to get your act together. Psychic abilities and intuition are at a all time high. This is the perfect time for celebrations, getting people together, renewing your commitments to people and projects. And this is the best time for manifesting of any kind.

WANING:  This is the time when the moon starts to decrease in size. During the waning Moon you don’t want to start anything new, go on interviews or try to have serious conversations of importance. This is the time of true decrease in life – Letting go, release, breaking bad habits, breaking off relationships, or leaving your job are the kind of things you’d want to use this Moon Phase for.

DARK:  This is the day or two each month when the moon is not visible in the sky at all. Some consider the Dark Moon and the New Moon the same phase, however  for this purpose we will be separating the two. This is the best time for discarding things from your life. Contemplating what you’ve accomplished and what you truly wish to accomplish in the future. This is such a great time for seclusion, self love and finding yourself. 



Now that you have an idea of what each moon phase is best for, lets dive even deeper and learn which days of the week can make your manifesting the strongest! 

MONDAY / RULING PLANET-MOON:  Making a good impression, invoking your inner power, ideas that revolve around creativity, divine & inspirational messages, and healing.

TUESDAY / RULING PLANET-MARS:   Sexual encounters, protection, building inner strength (mind and body) and enhancing confidence. 

WEDNESDAY / RULING PLANET-MERCURY:  Career/job issues, intellectual pursuits, travel planning and research. 

THURSDAY / RULING PLANET-JUPITER:  Spiritual development, personal growth, getting finances in order and legal matters.

FRIDAY / RULING PLANET-VENUS:  Romantic attraction, all relationships, reconciliation, physical makeovers, and beautifying your environment. 

SATURDAY / RULING PLANET-SATURN:  Home related issues, brainstorming future projects and endeavors, committing to personal goals, starting diets, releasing bad habits and endings of any kind.

SUNDAY / RULING PLANET-SUN:   Healing of your body, mind and soul. Decision making and Insights to problem solving, divine intervention and accepting miracles. Growing or rebuilding friendships.



Another gift of Mother Nature and an important factor to consider when manifesting change in your life, is which direction should you face? I simply use the compass on my I-phone and it works just fine. Each compass direction (North, South, East and West) signify and symbolize a powerful vibration or energy that is often overlooked.

NORTH: Corresponds to the element of Earth. Facing North is ideal for health issues, healing of the body and mind, spirituality, increasing or developing your intuition,  asking for guidance from the Universe, getting divine information from your higher power. This is the most powerful direction.

SOUTH: Corresponds to the element of Fire. Facing South is ideal for love issues, relationships of any kind, creative and artistic pursuits, romantic and healing emotional issues.

EAST: Corresponds to the element of Air. Facing East is ideal for career issues, finding inner strength, clarity, new business opportunities, financial matters, anything that may require extra energy, healing of the mind and new beginnings.

WEST: Corresponds to the element of Water. Facing West is ideal for letting go and moving on, increasing self-esteem, forgiving yourself or someone else, cleansing and unconditional love.

** When in doubt face North, It is the foundation of all things**