Gone are the days of feeling sorry for yourself or being the victim.

Gone are the days of getting irritated by every challenge or setback that life is presenting you.

Gone are the days of resisting what the universe is trying to offer you! 

Full moon moves into Virgo, and the energy of this moon is going to linger for the next couple of weeks. This is a time to work on self healing, claiming your power, and bringing out your inner warrior.

Virgo is associated with the virgin, but don’t assume that this sign is weak, vulnerable or innocent. In fact it’s the polar opposite. This sign symbolizes strength, independence and inner power, Virgo doesn’t need a man by her side and she’s always ready to stand up alone and fight for what she needs. Virgo thinking has often been associated with deep thinking, over thinking and self criticism. However if this is channeled the proper way Virgo thinking can be extremely enlightened. With Virgo falling in line with the March full moon it shows us that it’s time to let the warrior within release itself.

We all harness Virgo energies inside of us somewhere in our astrological charts, so we will all feel the feminine power arising from this Full Moon.

full moon

It’s time to enter into warrior mode.

It is time to step it up, rise up, and claim your power! This is the time to truly find your self worth, inner strength and your goddess powers. Entering into warrior mode doesn’t mean it’s a time of aggression or war. Instead it’s a time to truly reflect on your inner healing and direction your life is going. It is time to have unwavering intentions and to stop disregarding what the universe has in store for you. You are so powerful, capable and strong- it’s time to own up to that and allow yourself to do amazing things. Trust your instincts, now more than ever, and see what arises for you. Chances are this Full Moon in Virgo will show you the way and will show you where healing is required within you. When in doubt, know that the universe always has your back and will give you the tools needed to make all of this happen.

This full Moon is part of a much larger cycle that started last month in February and will continue until August 2017. You may not have everything figured out (and that’s OKAY!) but simply acknowledging your own inner power will help you go very far!

Full Moon Ritual and Spell Work:

You don’t have to be a witch or have a high tech altar area to have a successful Full Moon ritual. You do however have to truly believe in what you are doing and make sure that you do what feels right to you (aka follow your amazing intuition)

For this ritual you will be using a white candle.

Write down all your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. This Full Moon is impeccable for bringing about abundance in every aspect of your life. Do you want a new home? Need a new job or a promotion at your current job? Need your relationship to be better? This is the time to give all of that to the universe and allow her to shower you with her blessings.

“I light this candle with the aim to change the future, may the universe hear my message of intent and conspire to manifest and bring to my my desires. As I will it, so mote it be.”

Burn the wishes that you wrote down over the white candle and catch all the ashes in a bowl. Go to the window or go outside and release the ashes as you say:

“I cast this message into the air, may the Goddess hear my prayer.”