Grounding is a therapeutic process by which you connect with the earth. A popular theory behind its reputed healing power is that electrons present in the earth’s surface can be passed on to physical bodies when a person walks barefoot or sleeps on the natural ground.

I was introduced to the beauty of grounding during a reiki session that I gave and received in a park. The benefits of it were completely astounding! Not only do you feel free and totally present, but it is so calming and relaxing! In Shamanic practices, its necessary to ones health to connect with Mother Earth directly at least once a day.

Just like so many other holistic healing methods, don’t make it seem more difficult than it is. Intention is EVERYTHING. All you have to do is connect with the earth directly, literally just walking barefoot on the ground.

We are electrical beings and Earth is an electrical planet. Direct contact with our beautiful Earth gives you a energy infusion. It can also help reduce inflammation, promotes restfulness and calmness, and reduces pain. Think back, do you ever recall walking barefoot on the beach? The sand in your toes. That feeling and sense of warmth and well being for your body and your mind? Well loves, you don’t have to wait until your Ocean trip to bask in the benefits of Grounding!

This weekend we went to my favorite lake here in Washington. I found a amazing little cliff over the Lake and decided to do some meditation and yoga. Since it was so cold and snowing off and on I didn’t take my shoes off, however just connecting with the earth and being one with her was so beneficial! Doing your yoga, mindfulness and meditations outside can bring a whole new element to your practices.

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