First off, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to you all. You make my dream a possibility! I am so thankful for the clients and students that I have, you all make my world brighter and full of love and joy. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healing, your learning, and your journey! 

Some of you have noticed that I have added a “affirmation jar” to each healing session and attunement (if you haven’t noticed then that mean’s you’re WAY overdo to come see me *wink wink*)  After each session I have you pull a weekly/monthly affirmation to focus on until your next visit with me, its a fun and easy way to bring love, focus and positivity to life.


I will also be adding a healing gift with each session!! If you are coming for an attunement you will be leaving with a glass jar filled with dried herbs, wood and flowers. Depending on the focus of the attunement and the practitioners needs, I will decide which oils and crystals to add to the jar. For those of you who come to Namaste Space for your healing sessions, you will be leaving each session with a sachet. This will be filled with dried flowers, oils and crystals. You can use these sachets in a relaxing bath, keep them on you, or place them at the base of your meditation candles.

These are the options for crystals that can be used in each bottle and/or sachet. 


Recap on pricing for 2017:

30 minute single person healing- $40.00

60 minute single person healing- $60.00

120 minute healing session for 2 people- $110.00

Level One Attunement- $120.00

Level Two Attunement- $160.00

Level Three/Master Attunement- $260.00