Being more mindful is my main goal for 2017. I figure the best place to start these habits is with food. Food and I haven’t always had the best relationship. Because of this my weight has always been a roller coaster ride, I’ve struggled with acne most my life, had poor gut health including candida, and not to mention the moods and sassy behaviors that come when you indulge in a sugar and carb filled diet. These behaviors end now. I’ve been working on changing my ways and by doing so some amazing benefits have already came into fruition. Here’s the top five ways that I am going to become more mindful with food and in doing so improve my daily habits, my health and my happiness.

  1. Examine your emotions: What are you feeling? Boredom, anxiety, anger, sadness, fear? Are you really hungry? Have you eaten enough so far or is your mind playing tricks on you? I put this one as number one for a very serious reason. This is my constant battle everyday. I am an emotional eater. I don’t always use food in the healthiest of ways, in fact often times I use it more like a drug. Looking at your mind from ‘above’ allows you to truly recognize unhealthy eating patterns- and if you give yourself enough time to process the real reasons you “NEED” that ice cream I can guarantee that you will view that need as silly and useless. Truly give yourself a moment. Ask yourself, does this nourish my body? Does this align with my goals? Am I just feeding my emotions?  If I eat this, will I regret it later?
  2. Express Gratitude: Its easy to admire your plate of food at your favorite restaurant, however we resent our go-to chicken salad that we eat for lunch almost daily. Every meal is a gift and it should always be admired. Take a moment to consider all the kindness and love that went into growing the food on your plate. This may sound totally absurd, but if you give loving gratitude to what you are putting into your body you are immediately shifting your vibrations to a sky high level and feeling amazingly great about the meal you’re about to consume.
  3. Savor the Flavor: Slow down. Take in the beauty that is on your plate. Admire it. Enjoy the aroma, the colors, the shapes. When you start eating do small bites and really take your time to chew it. Feel the flavors as you chew, enjoy it. Its not a race and there is no time limit. Make sure that you are taking breaks during the meal and drinking lots of water.
  4. Reduce Distractions: In order to be mindful you can’t have the TV on, or scrolling through social media. Make meal time a time where you can wind down, reset your brain and pour into yourself a bit. If you’re at work, turn away from the computer and let the phone go to voicemail. It can wait.
  5. Take the Stress Out of Eating: What you put out into the universe is what you get more of. Complaining about bad eating habits won’t change them. When you habitually talk about your discontent, you create an ongoing poor relationship with food. If you were constantly speaking poor of your significant other in this way, you would cause a ton of problems in your relationship. Instead of dwelling on your problems with food, try saying something nice about it. For example focus on how amazing you feel when you eat healthy.

We don’t have to be food obsessed. Let’s work on breaking that cycle. By making these changes in our lives we will allow our body and brain to function flawlessly together as one. Living an active life will be easier. Weight loss, glowing skin, mood control, more energy, disease prevention, living in the present moment and quieting your mind are all benefits that will start shining through even a week into this practice!

Go on, enjoy yourself!