I’ve been learning this one the hard way… I am what you would call a “people pleaser” I will bend over backwards, go out of my way and work myself until I am numb; just to make others feel at peace. But where does that leave me? I’ve been finding that I’ve become resentful towards it. Resent, anger or dislike are NOT vibrations that I want to have surrounding me! Let’s talk about some ways to give back to yourself!

For me it’s been an uphill battle. I always tend to look for acceptance and love outside.. When really I should be searching for that within. Along the way I’ve been finding quick and simplistic ways to pour back into myself ❤

Bath Time


Now- I’m not referring to a quick bath where you’re barely making it through the motions. Take your time, Light those candles. Get some essential oils, maybe even some rose buds. Give yourself at least 20-40 minutes to just BE. Listen to some music that will aid in relaxation and just let “Calgon, take you away”




Don’t let this word intimidate you. I know I did. This doesn’t have to be some hour long, out of your body experience kind of thing. There are a LOT of times where I don’t even get to that place of Zen. I merely just sit quietly, by myself and just focus on being fully present in that moment. Even for just 5 minutes, it makes a world of change. You can also login to your app store on your phone or tablet and get lots of guided meditations that help you become more confident and comfortable with what you’re doing.




Seriously! There is nothing more grounding and simplistic then going for a walk. I love honoring nature and it’s bountiful beauty and this is such an easy way to do it. It releases endorphins which is a natural chemical in the brain that makes you feel happier. The fresh air and movement helps with your blood circulation. And nobody is ever grumpy after going for a walk 😉




There is nothing more therapeutic than putting pen to paper. I don’t care if its coloring, doodling or journaling – my personal favorite. I can’t explain the magic that happens when you let your conscious and subconscious mind swirl together. Often times when I sit to write down how I am feeling, what my goals are or even just writing positive affirmations, words just start flowing out continuously. Before I know it I am 5 pages into this and feeling so much more content about life. Trust me, this is a sure fire way to put your hopes, dreams and fears into perspective.


And When All Else Fails….



There’s a wine for that….